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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Through the eyes of our children...

If I could just view life through the eyes of my children, I would be able to stay attuned to the Spirit so fully and with such ease.  I can't put a number on how many times this week I have heard gasps of breathtaking excitement from the backseat of the van when the words "Christmas, Jesus, reindeer, snowman or Santa" have escaped the mouths of the famous carolers 96.7 plays 24/7 during the holidays.

Abby, Noah and Mommy were en route to swimming lessons on Saturday during what Noah described as "the first time it ever snowed" and excitement was at its peak.  The snow was minimally falling here in Paris (I heard they got a bit more in Cambridge) but there was no shortage of wind so it gave the illusion that we were really in the middle of a great snowfall.  Abby and Noah were listing off things they could do when they got outside.  Amidst the loud and oftentimes indiscriminate words being shouted I was able to pick out a few.

"Snow Angels!!"  Noah screeched.  Abby then responded "There's not enough snow yet, you will have to make grass angels still!!"  Then Abby would shout "Eating snow" and Noah would scream "YAH and licking ice". Skating, butt-boganning (a form a tobogganing where you only use a small toboggan which cups your butt, thanks again aunt Kirsten for the name!), snowman, igloo (which I thought was a very worldly substitute for the commonly used 'snow fort'), jumping in snow, smashing snow and snow pants were all heard from the backseat at one time or another.  Needless to say, once we arrived at our destination they did all of none of their list, running and whining all the way inside about how wind was blowing too much and the snow hurt their cheeks.  Nevertheless I thought about how fortunate I am to be able to relive the small joys I so often pass by now that I have children.

When we raise children, its almost as though we are given a second chance at childhood in an even more rewarding way; through the eyes of our offspring.  Daily I am brought back to special memories of my childhood happiness, silliness, joy and spontaneous carelessness through my children's stories, activities and uninhibited love.  I know that I am truly blessed to have had a childhood ripe with so many wonderful memories.  This is not the case for many, and to those of you who may exist in that category, as a mother I am deeply sorrowed for that loss.

As I sat and listened to the joy and anticipation in that conversation between my children, I made a conscious choice in that moment.  I am pledging to my children, current and future, to always try my hardest to protect their childhood.  To try our best to control what Mike and I allow into our home by ways of media, friends and other revolving doors of influence.  To give them the chance to remain innocent long enough to build those memories that are looked back upon and remembered not for the specific details, but for the overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy.  I pledge to my children to be a firm but guiding hand to the best of my ability, in leading them through the horrors children face today.

I pledge to Abigail, to any future daughters, to help her become a woman who understands her worth.  To always tell her how she is never merely pretty, but always pretty amazing.  I pledge to Noah and Elias, to any future sons, to help them become men.  Not to 'be the man' but to be a man who knows the value and power that manhood holds.  I pledge to Mike to be a mother to his children.  To be a key holder to his most precious box of treasures.  To always give precedence to my job as a mother and wife, and to be entrusted to work beside him to help bring our children safely through this life.

I felt so deeply touched by the Spirit as I sat and listened to the carefree banter of my children in our dirty old car on Saturday morning.  I know that life touches us in moments that may seem otherwise unimpressive, so that we might be most receptive to the message therein.  It is in the most mundane of moments that we will bring about the most miraculous of changes.  Everyday I am grateful for my life, my loves and my Lord and I am so thankful for the clarity of purpose I have gained as I have learnt the gospel.

I know that this may seem an odd thing to blog about, but I have recently gained a firm belief that when you believe something, you should make it known.  I believe in the sanctity and purpose of motherhood and fatherhood and I am so grateful for the chance I have been entrusted with to raise and protect my three sweet children.

We have had a wonderfully joyous beginning to a truly magical season and it is with great hope that I wish you all happiness throughout the holidays!

Love and Joy... and possibly a few tears!!

Love from the Willmotts!

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