"Try a little harder to be a little better." -- President Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to our liiiiife...

We have undergone some MAJOR changes in the last few months... First and foremost on our list are our new jobs.  If we had business cards, they would read: 

Mike Willmott, Financial Analyst, Christie Digital 
Meghan Willmott, Domestic Engineer, Willmott Home

On April 11, Mike took on his new title and new career at Christie Digital.  He has been working really hard to finish his designation and support our family so it was nice to see his efforts rewarded with this new opportunity. 

Now as for my newest (now official)/oldest (previously unofficial) profession... It's quite amazing sometimes to look back and realize the way the Lord blesses.  And equally awe inspiring to realize what a fool you were for not realizing the blessings as they came. 

When we first had Elias, immediately I began praying for the Lord to bless us with a way for me to stay home with our children.  When 'back-to-work' time came and no apparent answer to my prayers was presented, I accepted my fate and trudged back to work.  But, I never stopped praying.  Then Mike got his new job, and although I hadn't stopped praying, I also didn't realize the blessing the Lord had presented.  Instead, I saw a potential bigger house, a vacation, a new car... etc. etc.  So when I wasn't quite getting the message that was being presented, the Lord forced me to see.  My hours were cut at work, we were bringing in less money, paying a nanny to care for our children, and basically staying stagnant from month to month.  But this was one of those blessings so often referred to as 'in disguise'.  As our 'disposable' income diminished so did my fascination with all the 'bigger/better' items I had been secretly coveting, allowing the return of my focus in the Lord's intended direction; time with my children and husband, living a simple/happy life and strengthening our family spiritually from inside the home. 

One day Mike sat me down crunched out all the scenarios for me to actually see (I am SO a visual learner) and it was crystal clear in that moment what the right choice for our family was.  That's when my foolishness hit me.  I had been praying for something, honestly desiring it, but totally not even paying attention to whether or not it was happening.  The Lord was answering my prayers, well not only answering, but when I wasn't listening He was breaking it down, forcing our attention, and pretty much making it impossible for me not to FOCUS on the answers. 

So we decided then and there that given a few stipulations, I would turn in my two-weeks notice to Toyota (which was kind of the most fun I've ever had... another one of those 'disguised' blessings) and commence my career as a STAY-AT-HOME mama!!!!  I actually might make a business card... I think they'd be useful?!

So, now that I have officially introduced myself, as Meghan Willmott, Domestic Engineer BSc (that's not true) I'll fill you in on the other changes:

BUSINESS:  I am starting a small at-home childcare business.  I have one small boy I get to start caring for on Monday.  He's such a sweetie and he's the exact same age as Noah.  They are so cute together.  I am so excited to get to include him in our little family from Mon-Friday!  Super fun!!!

BASEMENT:  Due to the choice we made to start caring for little ones, we decided that we should finish the basement to give ourselves a little more of a designated area to stick the kids... haha joking, it is meant to provide an area for us ALL to play in.  So this is really exciting for us.  Our first MAJOR renovation in our little house. 

I love our house, and I realize that I haven't ever posted any pictures of where we chill OUT... So I'm going to take you on a little tour.  That's right, VIRTUAL tour.  How excited are you?!?!  K, let's calm down, and get moving...

Welcome to our home:

Yes, you can park beside my van, Mike won't be home until 630ish...

But first, please take a look at the garden I dug out, and the plants we split from my mom's garden.  Oh, and that row of cedars, yah we planted those too.  I know, I know, Home & Garden network has nothing on us...

Let's get inside, it's starting to rain... watch your step, the porch gets slippy.  But it's a really nice place to hang out and read in the morning! (we did NOT pick the porch colour) Unfortunately our neighbours did, which would have been nice to know BEFORE I told him how ugly I thought it was.  Neighbour of the year award.  Don't worry, I made them brownies... we're cool.

Get inside quick!!!  It's getting kinda foggy out here!

Ah, we're in the front door.  Please take your shoes off on the mat... That's kinda rude to say to a guest I guess.  K, take them off wherever.

Welcome to where we live.  The kids made the artwork above the couch on the left <3

And please say hello to Mike's TV.  He would be offended if you didn't.

I'd offer you something to eat, but I just spent all day serving three children... get it yourself. 

Let's take a look upstairs...

Noah's room.  JAM packed with the majority of the toys that belong in the basement.  Sometimes a challenge getting him to sleep.  (again, did NOT choose the border, OR lower sponge painted wall art) BUT that's another project.

Our room... I will post more when I get around to decorating (checklist is a little looooong).

Oh the bathroom... Forest green WAS the theme of the WHOLE house, garage door, counter tops, back splash, curtains, external doors, bathroom tiles... I never knew forest green was a colour option that a person could absolutely fall in love with.  Now I do... and so do you.

So let's head downstairs now, past our ultrasound art <3

Elias' room... Shhh he's sleeping.

His swag...

Yes, I turned on the lights and took pictures while he was sleeping in the crib... poor baby.  But STILL sleeping!

Heading down the hall...

To Abigail's Spongebob room!!  She's so cute.  We gave her the choice of bedding and that's what she chose.  Love that girl.
And the bathroom... of the forest green nature.

Basement before...


Basement now, in-progress


Back upstairs, let's head outside... It stopped raining.

This is our yard from the back door.

And around the back of the house.

And down the side.  This area used to be gravel when we moved in.  You can see a line in the grass, that's where the gravel used to come up to.  It was getting kinda dangerous when playtime in the backyard turned into you know, a good old fashioned rock fight.  So we had people come and haul it away (put a free gravel ad on kijiji) and then we had a dump truck back into the yard (the front fence is actually two swinging gates so it opens right up) and dump a mountain of topsoil in the yard.  That was a fun time.

My little backyard garden I dug out last year.  (Raspberry bushes!!!)

My other garden I dug out with nothing in it.  Ha!

So that's it!  That's our little castle!  I love this house.  It has so much love in it and provides us with everything we need.  We have been blessed so IMMENSELY and although it may have taken a while for me to fully realize our riches, we are so rich! 

I know that the Lord grants the righteous desires of our hearts and although it is not necessarily when and in the exact way we want, He knows what is best and will provide!

I am learning to trust Him in all that I do and to live by honest faith in His will.  I am so proud to be able to spend this next leg of this journey through our Willmott World, raising my family and lending support to my husband. 

I hope sincerely that you all have a fantastic summer... I know I will ;)

Love from the Willmotts

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blink and it's gone...

Life is flying by.  The good thing however, is that I have been blogging a lot!  The bad thing though, is that it's usually only in my head.  I have written so many posts in my mind lately, with full intentions of actually writing it down but I seem to never quite make it to that last step.  Well world, this time I have.  HA!  That's right, Meghan 1- World 0... or you know, World 12,304 if you count all those other times.

I had a moment the other day when I was driving into work.  This is what happened:  I was driving down the longest leg of my back-road journey to work, rockin' the mini-van, blasting some Katy Perry, or maybe Pink (don't remember) and I was thinking about my family.  I was thinking about how I had just spent the hour before I left the house cleaning up the toothbrush holder that holds 4 different toothbrushes, lining up 4 pairs of OTHER people's shoes in the closet, hanging up 3 different pint-sized coats on 3 different pint-sized hangers and putting away laundry in 4 different bedrooms in our house.  It was right after the laundry thought that the reality of 4 extra lives hit me like a wrecking ball straight in the heart.  4 other pairs of shoes?  That's a lot...when did this happen?  How do I belong to 4 different people in 4 separate ways and how do these 4 so equally belong to me?  I realized that for the past 7 years of my life, when I began my family, when 1 became 2, then 3, 4 and 5, I have simply felt like I've been playing house.  I feel like I'm still that same girl, fresh out of high school, madly in love and ready to start playing life's real version of house.  In that moment of reality, I was so emotionally affected.  I could feel my heart as a separate entity with 4 different rooms that were occupied by 4 different people.    And what occurred to me after this quick journey through my heart was that I am so blessed to have had my heart double in size each time a new person has entered effortlessly into our family. 
Spiritual health is so important to me.  I know without a doubt, when I am spiritually fortified and strengthened, I am a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend... and the list goes on.  To me it just makes sense.  It's really easy to understand how physical health might affect my ability to be the best wife and mother I can be, so why would neglecting my spiritual health do anything but hinder my ability to successfully accomplish the many tasks these roles entail? 

So I am seriously taking heed to the counsel we have received through the leaders of the LDS Church. Writing this down will only help to keep me accountable to this promise:  I promise each day to make time at least once to... seek spiritual health through scripture study, read a book that lifts and edifies, listen to talks from the leaders of the Church, play one of those favourite songs we all have that touch our souls, and of course pray. 

I pray all the time.  I like the quiet of prayer, but I often forget to pray specifically and individually for each of my family members.  And quite frankly, I find myself overwhelmed with the thought of how much time praying for each of my family member's individual needs would consume.  But I am starting to realize that praying for the needs of my family is more than just kneeling and bowing my head in silence.  Praying for my children comes in tightly squeezed hugs goodbye, when I leave them in the care of another and ultimately under His watchful eye.  Prayers come when I'm at work and I reach mindlessly into my purse to find my hand cream and instead pull out half a package of soggy crackers and a 1/4 of a box of raisins.  Prayers for my husband come effortlessly when the majority of my stories to others begin with "my husband Mike" or "The other day my husband".  My family is never far from my thoughts and always held tightly in my heart and Heavenly Father hears that prayer as loud and as clear as when I find the time to kneel down.  When we love something or someone with our whole heart, we are praying in the clearest of all languages.  We are praying through pure love and God understands love more than we could ever imagine.  I realize that this love I feel for my family may just be the tiniest glimpse into the endless responsibility, love and compassion Heavenly Father must feel for each and every one of our lives.  This thought is extremely humbling to me.  To think of the anxiety I feel when faced with a seemingly overwhelming responsibility to pray for 4 others individually, compared to the endless responsibility God has to each of us, is definitely an exercise in perspective. 

I do not know how He does it, when He finds time to think about each of us individually, why His love is so all encompassing, where He is loving and caring for us from, but I DO know that He loves us.  He loves my family and as a wife and mother, this is a comfort beyond belief.  I love my Heavenly Father, I love our Saviour Jesus Christ and I love the gift and guidance of the Holy Ghost.

We were able to spend some time this Easter season with the majority of our families.  We spent Good Friday and Saturday with Mike's parents, grandparents, and sisters and their spouses.  We spent Sunday with my parents, grandparents and sisters, and as I enjoyed the company of these wonderful, vastly different and talented people we have been blessed to belong with, my thoughts often turned to the Saviour.  How thankful I am that He laid down His life so that we might live.  So that we might know the joy of family and the eternal importance behind these relationships that were hand selected with specific purpose for each of us.  I really hope that each of you enjoyed Easter with loved ones or at the very least, with the fondest memories of the ones you love.

On a completely separate note, Noah attends his first 'kindergarten orientation' day tomorrow at school.  It is almost two hours long and he will be meeting his teacher, seeing his classroom and participating in other 'preparatory introductions' within the school (library, gym etc.)  He is so excited.  He's been asking me daily if "tomorrow's the day?".  The original plan was that Mike would go with him because I don't have vacation days as a contract worker at Toyota.  Then two weeks ago Mike started a new job.  Bigger and better things are happening for him, and I am so proud of him, but this unfortunately meant that he wouldn't be able to ask for this day off that he had already scheduled.  So our next plan was that I would take half a day off.  Half a day, half a pay, but it would allow me the chance to still make some money and get to be with my little man on his big day.  But then Toyota announced a reduction of hours, so I am now working 4 day weeks with an additional full week off in May.  All this without pay.  So we decided that however tempting, it wasn't the best option for our family for me to only work 3.5 days this week.  So now Grandpa Craig is going to be taking our little man to school on his big day.  It breaks my heart to miss this opportunity, but at the same time I'm calmed knowing that Noah will be well taken care of by a man who loves him in such excess all the time.  I will try to blog about his day once it has come and passed.  He is so cute to watch as he has been starting to psyche himself up for this day.  He keeps asking small nervous questions about it like "Grandpa's going to stay with me right?" and "Do I have to share my very own school supplies that I get that are my very own school supplies?".  (He got an invitation that outlined his day and the 'supplies' he would receive for attending his orientation, and ever since he is very concerned with what Abigail will and will not get to use from his bag of very own school supplies).  I am so nervous and excited for him, and in complete shock that our second oldest is almost ready to start school.  What will tomorrow bring in the land of Noah?  Stay tuned to find out!

Pictures from Easter:

With love from the Willmotts

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I guess it's time to UPDATE!

We have had a crazy few weeks.  Mike has been working insane amounts of overtime, I have been working scheduled daily overtime and every other Saturday and our poor kids have been visiting with Grandma and Grampa a LOT lately (actually they really don't seem to mind this part).  I typically have a really hard time 'letting things go' but have been learning slowly that when life happens, children grow and both parents are working, something's gonna hafta give!!!  In the past month I have been at work anywhere from 47-50 hours/week, my husband has been at work anywhere from 55-65 hours/week, and our three children seem to all at once have learned new things that require extra supervision at rapid speeds (the art of crawling, the art of reading and the art of using markers that bleed through the thickest paper and stain the kitchen table).  So in lieu of not feeding/bathing our children, deep-cleaning our house every weekend, or you know, trying to squeeze in a hopeful 6 hours of sleep every night, I decided that my blogging could wait a few weeks.  Despite the feeling of crazy busyness our family has experienced the past month, there are only a few real notable milestones to report:

Milestone #1:  Elias Moves Forward!

This was a big one.  At 11.5 months, Elias Peter Willmott wiggled his little baby body in a forward movement to get to a toy.  He has been sitting on his own forever.  He has been rolling both ways since about 3 months.  He has been pulling himself around in circles while laying on his belly for many months now, but this whole forward movement thing was something we had just kinda come to terms with him NEVER doing.  But he shocked us all one beautiful day when he wiggled and army crawled his way right out of his infancy into full-blown, gating up the stairwells, locking all the cupboards, finding edges of pages of my books bitten out, pre-toddler hood!

Along with his new moves, he has also mastered the at of clapping (he can make a really satisfying sound once he gets going), he can say his version of "what's that?" which sounds like this, "hhuuhhsaaaaa?" while he points his chubby finger at the item in question, and he can play a mean game of 'peek-a-boo' either with the hands-to-face method or the blanket-over-head method (he excels at both, a very well-rounded child).

Milestone #2:  Noah Learns to Use a Zipper!

This is a major accomplishment in his little life.  He has been trying and trying all winter to 'put the mouse in the house' (I know, it sounds... off) but he has finally gotten the hang of it and he couldn't be happier.  He is so proud when he does it, it makes my heart melt!  It is however, often times offset by the biggest-ever-freak-out-of-frustration that occurs before he calms down enough to be able to see the little zipper through the tears.  But the freak-outs are getting fewer and farther between.  He is really getting this down.  I'm sure by the time he doesn't need to wear a coat anymore he will have nailed it!  Now on to wiping his own bum and doing up his own pants!  (Haha, you're welcome for the visual!)

Milestone #3:  Abby Learns to Read and Spell Full Sentences!

This is so cute.  I love hearing her sound out a sentence all - SUH SUH SUH- ULL ULL ULL- OWE OWE OWE- WUH WUH WUH- LUH LUH LUH- YUH YUH YUH (Slowly).  It is super adorable and really rewarding as a mom to listen to!  She is also in the phase of writing, where the sentences that she writes are now decipherable to a mom or dad, but still so cute.  The other day she wrote a letter to her friend Emerson and this is what it said:

To Emrsn.  I Love You.  I mis you when you ar at hom.  When wil you be at skol.

See you can totally understand that!  She is doing a superb job with her spelling and reading and will walk around with a little notepad as I clean the house saying things like "How do you spell scrub the toilet, how do you spell fold the laundry".  I love her natural desire to learn, it's really amazing to watch!

Milestone #4:  Elias Turn ONE YEAR OLD!!!

Elias turned one last Friday, March 4th!  Usually we like to do a little early morning happy birthday and open presents when the kids all wake up.  This year however, I had mentally prepared myself to be on the outside of this little event because I leave for work just before or right at 6am when I am on day shift.  Our kids tend to naturally sleep until about 7, so I knew I would miss out on this one.  But Mike surprised me and suggested that we wake them all up early and he would just deal with the chaos while he tried to get ready for work so I wouldn't miss one of my favourite little mommy pleasures (birthday morning hugs and kisses).  So we woke Abby and Noah up and went down to wake the big birthday boy up! 

He was so cute, all groggy and unwilling to wake up to begin with, but once we gave him  some presents to help open, (the term help being used VERY liberally as Abigail and Noah did most of it) he woke right up and was back to his adorable smiley self! 

Noah and Abby were to cute.  I took them out to pick out their gifts for Elias.  Abby picked a very age appropriate toy.  She really put some thought into what Elias would enjoy playing with.  It was cute to see her think of him as she made her choice.  Noah originally picked a spaceship that had guns to 'pewm the aliens', then we talked him into a more age appropriate toy.  But just as we were about to leave, Noah spotted a 'future NBA star' plate, cup, bowl, spoon and fork set and decided that Elias would definitely "want his own fork" so he changed his mind and picked that.  Too cute.

We had a fun little 15min birthday morning before mommy rushed off to work.  Then after work, the kids and I met up with Mike for the 'McDonalds birthday dinner' that Abby was sure Elias should get "like they both do" LOL!

The next day we had Elias' first family birthday party.  The guest list included: Mommy, Daddy, Abby, Noah, Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny, Grandpa, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Bekah, Uncle Graham, Alexis, Aunt Kirsten, Uncle Andrew, and Aunt Charlee.  He was missing a few of his loved ones but still had a fabulous turn-out!  I will say one thing though, it is extremely hard to judge how much food to buy when Elder Willmott isn't here.  I'm sure I will get the hang of it, at just about the time he gets back from his mission. 

Big Boy!

All the big kids busy doing the work!

Such a cute birthday boy!
We had a great 1st birthday with our littlest man!  They are all just so freaking cute, I can hardly stand it!  Thanks to all our family who made his day so special!  And to the ones who couldn't be there, we missed you and love you all!  Happy Birthday Elias!!!

Milestone #5: Mike Caves and Orders Bell ExpressVu so he can 'Enjoy the Tournament in HD'

Haha this requires no explanation.  But it was a big day.  BIG.  Only time will tell if he can actually find some free time to watch tv now.

We've had a good month.  Life has definitely changed a bit in our house but we are making it work!   I have found a small blessing in being busy, and that blessing comes in the form of quality versus quantity.  I am finding endless joy in my 'half hour cuddle with Noah before work' time that I didn't recognize when I had all day to cuddle.  I cherish the text messages I receive from Abby that say "I. Mis. You. Mommy. I. Love. You.  Love. Abby."  I love to get hugs and kisses from my husband when I crawl into bed at the end of my day, as he rolls out to begin his, and I melt every time I walk down the stairs when I wake up on afternoon shift and see the rewarding smile of my one-year-old angel, so excited just to see me.  Life is extremely rewarding when you have people to love and be loved by.  I am so grateful for the life we have, the jobs we have, the family we share, and the joy that comes with it.

May joy and peace be with each of you at all times!

Love from the Willmotts

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why We Are Who We Are

Since I started this blog, I have been focusing my writing on what has been our biggest adventure to date: Raising our family.  But really, it has just been in recent years that when I say ‘my family’ my thoughts jump immediately to Mike, Abigail, Noah and Elias.  And that is because I have forever been part of, instead of ‘co-founder’ of a stable, loving and well-balanced family.  That is of course, until the day I married Mike and we became a family of our own.

Both Mike and I grew up with a strong emphasis on family and have been blessed with parents who make it all work.  We are well aware that nothing is perfect, but perfect was never what our families pretended to be.  I am so proud of every single one of our family members and since I often take the time to make known how proud I am of my own children and my husband, I would like to write a few words to share my feelings about all of the other ones who we love.  Also, let’s be honest, they likely make up roughly 93% of my ‘followers’ so hey, target your readers right?  Lol.

So here it is, our family and what they mean to us.  We are so blessed to have so many people to love.

The Craig side:

We have a mother and a father who have been an example of consistency.  As they approach their 29th wedding anniversary this April, they have shown always a consistency of love, trust and faith.  They are wonderful parents and exceptional grandparents.  I am so proud to tell people the story of you.  I love that I have seen your relationship change over the years because it has helped me realize that I should never stop.  Never stop trying to be more than I was capable of yesterday.  I am so grateful for your powerful example and I love you both.

We have a sister who has been around the world and finally came back with her Masters of Scientific-earth loving-planet saving-energy and renewable resources-something.  It’s pretty freaking amazing!  I have been able to experience the other side of life through your letters and photographs.  Your spirit is incredible and I know that I have been blessed with a sister like you so that the part of me that always wonders at that other side of life will on some level understand.  I love you for the way we used to be together, the way we are now, and the eternal friends we are destined to become.

We have a sister who has a degree, has made a career for herself and has formed a beautiful relationship with a wonderful man.  I love watching life through your eyes.  You have flair that isn’t often seen.  Exciting is the word that comes to mind when people ask specifically what each of my sisters are like.  You help me realize the truth behind the term ‘special sister bond’.  You were by far one of my worst enemies in high school, but are bar none one of my closest friends today.  I love you both and I am so proud to be your sistah-frand.

We have a sister who is so fashionably inclined, effortlessly beautiful and a supremely gentle soul.  You are the emotion to this family.  You may laugh and take this as a joke, but I think it is beautiful.  I love that you carry your emotions on your sleeve.  This quality will allow for true relationships to be formed in your lifetime and that is something not everyone will experience.  You don’t have a hard time expressing your feelings and this is wonderful because it means that those you love will always know how much you really love.  I love you so much and am so proud of you in so many ways.

Because we don't have a recent family photo where Elias has been born!

The Willmott side:

We have a mother and father who have been a light of faith and testimony to us.  I would never have believed that I would sit here this day and believe with such undoubting surety of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And it is though your prayerful diligence that we found this safe place in which to raise our children.  My soul is eternally grateful for this gift of light.  You are an example to me of living through an uncertain life with absolute certainty of purpose.  Your example is powerful and uplifting and I am so thankful for you both.  I love you both and admire the life you have built together.

We have a sister who has recently married a great man, has a beautiful step-daughter and is pregnant now with her first child.  I am so proud of the life you and your husband are building for your family.  I love to watch your excitement grow as you approach any event, big or small, in your life.  Life is fun because you are in it.  I truly believe that we are placed alongside certain people in our life who will serve specific purposes to our own story and I believe that we are here together to be friends.  I love you and your family and am anxious to watch and learn what the future has in store for you.

We have a brother who is serving a fulltime mission all the way on the other side of the country.  I have watched you change in the most ways I’ve ever witnessed a person change.  Yet your changes have always seemed so natural and logical.  I believe this to be because you are such an honest and true person.  I have never met someone so capable of befriending a whole room of strangers in such a short period of time.  You are contagious, unforgettable and remarkable all at the same time.  I am so proud of you and the choices you have made.  You have saved my family through your example and willingness to rise above and for that I am so grateful.  I love you and look forward to being together as a family again.

We have a sister who is working hard to finish her schooling and has recently become engaged to a really great man.  I am so extremely proud of the choices you have made for your life.  You are helping people in ways that you may never fully know.  I get excited when I think about what the future holds for you.  I feel a sense of overwhelming joy when I think about the head start you are giving your future and your future family.  You have always been so strong-willed and I have loved watching that characteristic translate into your choice to marry a man who has only ever been perfect for you.  I love you both and am so happy for you.  This world is wonderful and your choices together have just made life even a little bit more so.

We have a sister who is smart, determined, well-spoken and who is currently chasing her dream of becoming a teacher.  I have never met someone who has had a life filled with so many people who love her.  Ever since you became a part of my life, I have always marveled at how easily you attract not only friendship, but long-lasting, substantial friendship.  You have an immeasurable loyalty to those you love and I have always respected enormously the care and compassion you demonstrate for both your family and friends.  You have an immensely strong moral compass.  Stronger than any teenager/adult I have ever known.  This is a phenomenal and extremely attractive quality. I am so proud of your ability to think outside the norm and challenge life from a higher perspective.  You will bless your family and your future because you have the ability to recognize a firm foundation.  I love you as the youngest of my siblings and as the amazing woman you are.

We are so lucky to get to love so many different people at such a high level.  Our love for each of these people is from so many different perspectives.  We can love from the role of a sister, brother, in-law, aunt, uncle, daughter and son.  And we can love them all as aunts to our children, as uncles, as cousins, as grandmas, nannies and grandpas.  What an amazing thing family is.  How wonderful it is to be able to love on so many different levels.

We are so thankful for each of you and we love, pray for and think of you all daily!  We hope you all have a great week filled with choices based on love, happiness and family.

Life is beautifully wonderful when you’re looking in all the right places.

Love from the Willmotts