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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baloon Fairies, Fish Restaurants and Birthday Parties!

The Balloon Fairy

Well our little Abigoo turned 5 this past week!  She was born on Sunday November 19th, 2005 at 7:09 pm and in a matter of hours (she was the 'good' labour) we went from the promise of parenthood to immediate realization of the immensity of our new life.  We have had 5 glorious years with this little lady and although we've been tried and tested at times (yes we know we 'ain't seen nothing yet') we have had the absolute time of our lives!

Two years ago when Abby turned 3, we started a little tradition in our home.  Once our birthday girl or boy hits the sack for the night, and it is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that they are in fact actually sleeping (not just faking, as I admit we have fallen victim to), the BALLOON FAIRY makes a special birthday visit to the birthday child's room.  She brings with her many, many, many balloons of various colours, sizes, and shapes and fills the floor surrounding the bed!  When our kids wake in the morning they are greeted with a rainbow of balloons to kick and bat their way through when running to wake us up.  They have really started to expect this little visit from the fairy (who by the way is pretty cute) and get quite excited for the days of fun 700 balloons provide until they either pop or shrivel up into nasty little 'elderly' balloons. 

Balloon Madness

This picture really does not do justice to how many balloons were actually in her room (the majority had made it out into the hall from all the kicking) but you get the gist of it.  This year Abby was having a few girls over for an 'un-sleepover' party.  She wanted to set up sleeping bags and pillows in our unfinished basement (cuz it's spooky down there she says) and watch Barbie Fashion Fairytale.  So not only did the Balloon Fairy (yes I totally feel her name should be capitalized) balloonerize her room, she also got busy in the spooky basement too. 

Abby with her new baseball bat and ball from Daddy!

So ends the tale of 'The Balloon Fairy Visits the Willmotts'.  Although she may experience a dull ache in her jawline for a full two days after her visit, she really feels it's worth it!  How quickly we can forget the simple childhood joy balloons bring.  Maybe you too should wish for a visit from the Balloon Fairy??! 

The Fish Restaurant

When Noah turned 3 we asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he replied "happy meals" so it was off to McDonald's for a gourmet dinner we went.  So when we asked Abby what she wanted, she defaulted to "happy meals" also.  We were preparing for another night out at the Paris McDonald's when a few days before her birthday as I tucked Abby in, she made a new request.

She said to me "Mama I don't want to have a crabby patty (aka cheeseburger from mcd's) for my birthday.  I REALLY want to go to like a fancy place".  To which I replied "ok where is this fancy place".  Abby then said "I want to go to you know, that restaurant where all the fish live, and you get to go up and get YOUR OWN food?".  It took me only a second to realize what she meant was the Mandarin.  Haha fancy pants for sure!  So we quickly agreed since a lunch at the Mandarin is actually less expensive than a family meal at the world renowned McDonald's. 

They get so excited about these festive airbags!!

We met Mike on the Wednesday before her birthday for lunch at "the fish restaurant" and had a fun little birthday meal with our kids.  Abby had a great time because Mike let her pick her own food, Noah loved that his water never "got empty", giggling each time our poor server topped him up, and Elias ate Cheerios!!

The kids at our table... so happy about the view ahah

We sang happy birthday to Abby and she got to blow out a candle.  The kids laughed and giggled as the fish in the ponds swam close to their boots, and Elias tried so hard to grab the fish that were swimming in the tank behind our table.  We had such a great lunch and were totally thankful to Abby for going all fancy on us! 

Abby's little cake <3

Abby's PARTAY!

Abby was fortunate enough to have her party on her actual birthday this year (which she thought was 'sweet').  She invited three girls, her cousin Lexi, her friend from church Sariah, and her friend from school Victoria, and as I mentioned had an 'un-sleepover'.  If you were thinking 'what is that' I will explain.  Abby has been talking about sleepovers lately and we aren't very comfortable with the idea of our children sleeping over anywhere, so we decided to have a half-sleepover.  We had the girls bring their pjs, they watched a late movie, until the wee hour of 10 pm (plenty late for 5-6 yr olds) and then I drove the girls home.  Abby loved setting up sleeping bags and pillows.  We ate dinner, painted nails, had cupcakes, played 'Fashion Barbies', coloured pictures and watched a Barbie movie.

Noah, Abby, Sariah, Lexi and Victoria

Abby asked for Barbies and 'girl toys' this year which was pretty cute because up until now she's been pretty neutral when it comes to gender specific toys.  Although she is enjoying her newly discovered inner princess, she still keeps it real with a healthy love for playing basketball, baseball, football and the occasional game of 'Don't you Dare Mess With Me' (she describes it as a "game where we TUSSLE daddy!!") haha!

I made Abby a sign for her birthday this year and we had a great time picking out gift purses for her friends.  Abby has such cute ideas and she's really developing a little flair for fashion!! lol

The happy birthday sign

Abby with her gift purses

All in all Abby had a wonderful 5th birthday!  She reports that she was sung happy birthday a total of seven times, and got so many beautiful presents.  She now has a new pair of 'sparkle' shoes from Grandma and Grandpa, has been drawing train tracks and roads 'to Walmart' on our driveway with 3D sidewalk chalk from Nanny and Grandpa, plays Zhu Zhu pets tirelessly with Noah, and has more Barbies and makeup from her friends and Aunts than I have ever owned in my life!!  Thank you to all our wonderful families and friends for making a special girl's special day so extremely SPECIAL!!!  Happy 5th birthday to our Abigail, we love you more than any blog post could possibly ever express.

Love from the Willmotts

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