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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do we live with the Grinch??!

Now I will first start by apologizing for not posting last week!  I have heard from a few people that our posts have been missed.  Yay!  Good to know I'm not just writing to myself here. 

But now I have some serious business to conduct.  We are in the middle of a Willmott war here, and the catalyst was a display of Christmas snowglobes.  I personally feel that it is none too soon to start decorating the house for Christmas on the exact day I take down the Halloween decorations (which is always Nov 1st).  Mike on the other hand, feels that any decorating in November is just ridiculous and all our poor little snowmen and santas should stay boxed away until, absolute earliest, Dec 1st.  Every other year I have been able to squeeze out the Christmas decorations by mid-November simply stating that Abby wants them up for her family birthday party (her bday is on Nov. 19).  This year however, we aren't having a big family gathering for Abby since she is having a real friend birthday party on Friday, so I'm looking to all of you for convincing HELP!!

Mike Willmott

Last week I subtly started (or so I thought) to break out the decorations with a few gorgeous snowglobes.  My mom gets the kids a new snowglobe each year and they are all stunningly beautiful.  Silver and black with sparkling snow and a different carol to be heard from each.  They are the EXACT depiction of Christmas through the eyes of a child.  We spend so much time taking "gentle snow turns" on the couch, shaking, winding, and singing to the music box tunes of the carols.  To our kids they are simple treasures of extraordinary joy.  So I brought them out of safe storage last week, displayed them discretely and assumed that Mike would overlook them (since he has been known to not even offer a nod of acknowledgement when I paint his dressers, night tables, a wall, CUT MY HAIR grrr etc).  But he walked in the door, gave hugs and kisses to the army of flailing bodies at his waist and promptly faced the snowglobes exclaiming with finger sternly pointed, "WHAT ARE THOSE?"

My response was a lousy "THAAAAT you notice??"  To which he responded "December first Meghan!" Then something along the lines of "blah blah bleeeeeehhhhh blahdiddy bleb blahb bloooobbb we gotta BOTH agree blahaab blah".  So it is now November 14th, and we are FAST approaching the exact middle of November.  I have 6 snowglobes displayed, one wreath leaning weakly against the wall, waiting patiently for his moment to hang proudly, a string of outdoor lights lining the roof of our house aching to be plugged in, and a whole crap load of boxed decorations in the basement crying and weeping so loudly to be let out that they sometimes keep me up at night!!!  Mike just doesn't understand.  So I am pleading with you ALL to help!  Please oh please wont you weigh in on this "decorating in November debacle".  Comment on this post, tell us what you think.  If you don't want to create a username thing to comment then comment on the link on my facebook page!!!  I know that together we can convince Mike that Santa really does exist and he most certainly brings better presents if you decorate your house NOW!!  The spirit of Christmas is expecting exactly 40 days of decorated homes to dwell in.  And that there is NOTHING wrong with being that house on the street that turns their lights on in November!! I know you all believe this, and if you don't agree, well comment anyway because Mike needs a few pity votes!

They err who thinks Santa Claus comes down through the chimney; he really enters through the heart."
~ Mrs. Paul M. Ell.

It truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Love from the Willmotts


  1. For a son who spent his life with Christmas decorations going up early and not coming down until February (because after all we shouldn't intrude on Valentine's day)I would think that only 40 days of decorations would be a great deal!! All Meghan wants to do is start a bit earlier than we did and that's only because she is way more organized than I am!! And since there doesn't seem to be a request for Mike's help in this, I really think he should enjoy the excitement of the season with his children!! The sooner the decorations go up the easier it will be to focus on the celebration of the Saviour's birth in that wonderful, magical way that young children have. So my vote is big time for Meghan!! And I'm not letting Dad weigh in, because he would be noncommittal (he's learned over the years to let me do my own thing) so no vote for anyone in particular lol!

  2. Meg - This was completely hilarious. Mike - I vote in on a kybosh of ALL Chipmunk tunes in the house until December 15th at their earliest, but those snow globes are just beautiful. At first glance, I really thought this post was going to be something of a commentary on how you physically *look* like the Grinch or something, to which I thought: them's fighting words! It's a good thing that your skin isn't green, eh? I love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful time decorating the house (on whatever day it happens to be!) with the kids. Much love to you all,
    Shawna xoxox.
    PS. Diane, your response made me laugh: after all we shouldn't intrude on Valentine's day? hahaha!)