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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Willmott Top 10 of 2010

Willmott Top Ten of 2010

As 2010 draws closer to an end through this wonderful holiday season, we often take the time to reflect back on our year’s accomplishments.  2010 was an exciting year for our family.  We all grew a little, loved a lot, and tried our hardest to find as much joy as possible!  We have put together a list of the top ten accomplishments of our year, in no specific order, so that you may too enjoy with us the memory of another wonderful year in the life of the Willmott family. 

10. Noah uses the potty- Now Noah is 3 so this may seem a logical next step in a child’s life but believe us when we say this was MONUMENTAL in the Willmott home!  Noah, after months and months of outright potty denial, surprised us two weeks shy of his 3rd birthday and just took the leap!  It has been a long and messy journey, but we are elated to have made it.  Congratulations to Noah!!! (Don't worry, I wont post a picture)

9.  Abby moves up to SENIOR kindergarten- Abigail was so pleased with herself once she moved from small-time JK to the big leagues of SK!!  Although she had to wait a few weeks into September to actually start school (staggered starts for kindergartens) she has had such a wonderful time being one of the ‘big kids’ in the classroom.

Abby outside her kindergarten door on her first day!!!

8.  Meghan spent a full calendar year home with the children- Meghan started her maternity leave early due to a small medical need and has spent the whole of 2010 with the children.  Although we watch our children learn so much in one year, this past year of fulltime mommy-hood has probably seen the most growth in Meghan.  What an intense 14 month course it has been.  Meghan learned more about her family in the past year than she had in the past 6, and has grown such a great appreciation for each member in such uniquely specific ways.  

Meghan and her three babies!

7.  Abigail turned 5 years old- Abby waited very patiently for the majority of the year so she could turn a “whole hand” on November 19.  She had a wonderful birthday party with 3 girls and a whole-lotta-princess!  She has grown into such a well articulated young lady in the past year.  She definitely keeps us honest and let’s nothing slip by.  How blessed we are to have had 5 wonderful years with this girl!

Abby on her birthday, getting ready for her friends to arrive!!!

6.  Noah turned 3 years old- Noah had his third birthday right at the end of the summer on August 18th!  It was a great finish to a wonderful summer.  We spent the day with our families, went to the Paris Fair (an annual rural fair right around the corner from our house) and partied hard until well past 7pm!!  Noah is our ‘spirited child’ and the past 3 years have helped us to learn limits, push and expand those limits, and completely shatter preconceived notions of our limits!  He is such an unbounded spirit and we are so blessed to have him.  We are so grateful to have had 3 glorious years with this boy!!

Noah blowing out the candles on his cake!!

5.  Mike was hired on as a full time employee and given a raise- Mike was hired from a contract position at his company, Toyota Tsusho, to a fulltime position within the Accounting Dept. where he works.  Along with being hired, he received his second raise of the year.  We are so grateful for the blessings of good employment and are so proud of Mike for the work her does!!

Mike with two of the reasons he goes to work each day <3

4.  Elias brightened our world with a smile- If you have children in your life, you already know what an amazing blessing a smile crossing the lips of a child is.  On April 28th, just shy of 2 months old, Elias’ face erupted in the most heartwarming grin we have ever seen.  He reminds us daily to take life a little less seriously and to look for the joy in each situation.  He is such a happy and delightful baby, and he has truly added such joy to our home.

Elias' beautiful smile.  

3.  Mike successfully completed four more courses towards his CGA designation WHILE   working fulltime- Mike has been working towards his designation and has been writing papers, completing quizzes, submitting assignments and trudging through final exams all while working 45+ hours/week.  He has been an excellent example to our family of diligence and hard work and we are so thankful for the opportunity he is taking to better our family!

Mike home from work, with Abby who is never too far behind!!

2.  Elias Peter Willmott joined our family-  On March 4th, 2010 at 12:23am, after 12 hours of labour, our laid back third child made his ‘in no hurry’ entrance into our world!  By far the longest labour of the three, Elias has proven to be as easy-going as his arrival would indicate.  He has fit so obviously into our family and life has never been better!  We are amazed daily by him and have had 9 breath-taking months of memories so far and look forward to so many more!

A beautiful Willmott boy became a part of our family!!!

1.  We were sealed as a family for time and eternity in the Toronto, Ontario Temple- We took our family to the Toronto, Ontario Temple on June 17th, 2010 (our wedding anniversary) and were sealed together in a ceremony performed by Mike’s grandfather Joseph Willmott.  This ceremony performed by those of LDS faith, ensures the continuation of the family unit beyond the grave.  We are so thankful for our church and the promises of eternal family.  We know that our family exists because our Father in Heaven has granted us the chance to be together and we are so pleased to have the opportunity to thank Him daily for the blessings which have been poured upon us! 

Toronto, Ontario Temple where we were sealed!

As the holiday season surrounds us, we would like to take this opportunity to express our love for you.  We are grateful for family and friends and hope that 2011 brings joy and prosper to each of you.  May the Lord bless your family with never ending happiness and love.  May you smile too much, laugh too hard, sing too loud and dance too long!  We love you and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an extremely Happy New Year.

A few final moments to remember...

Getting ready to increase the size of our family!!

Going for #3!
The family at a school fundraiser for Abby's school... yah that's a race car!!!
Abby learns to skate!!
Abby and Noah take swimming lessons!
Three is no crowd!!!
Watching your husband bond with your baby is the purest love there is.
Merry Christmas 2010!!!!!
Love from,

Mike, Meghan, Abigail, Noah and Elias Willmott


  1. Meg,
    I love reading these updates. They make me feel like I have a better clue what's going on, even from a distance. My one complaint, is the omission of a photo of Noah on the toilet. I believe this to be obligatory, but will forgive you sometime in the distant future ;-) You are making me want to start a blog, maybe someday!
    Lots of love, and looking forward to spending time with you all over the holidays,
    xo Shawna

  2. Oh please do!! That would make me just SO happy!!! I love you and am so excited to see you also! xoxox