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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to our liiiiife...

We have undergone some MAJOR changes in the last few months... First and foremost on our list are our new jobs.  If we had business cards, they would read: 

Mike Willmott, Financial Analyst, Christie Digital 
Meghan Willmott, Domestic Engineer, Willmott Home

On April 11, Mike took on his new title and new career at Christie Digital.  He has been working really hard to finish his designation and support our family so it was nice to see his efforts rewarded with this new opportunity. 

Now as for my newest (now official)/oldest (previously unofficial) profession... It's quite amazing sometimes to look back and realize the way the Lord blesses.  And equally awe inspiring to realize what a fool you were for not realizing the blessings as they came. 

When we first had Elias, immediately I began praying for the Lord to bless us with a way for me to stay home with our children.  When 'back-to-work' time came and no apparent answer to my prayers was presented, I accepted my fate and trudged back to work.  But, I never stopped praying.  Then Mike got his new job, and although I hadn't stopped praying, I also didn't realize the blessing the Lord had presented.  Instead, I saw a potential bigger house, a vacation, a new car... etc. etc.  So when I wasn't quite getting the message that was being presented, the Lord forced me to see.  My hours were cut at work, we were bringing in less money, paying a nanny to care for our children, and basically staying stagnant from month to month.  But this was one of those blessings so often referred to as 'in disguise'.  As our 'disposable' income diminished so did my fascination with all the 'bigger/better' items I had been secretly coveting, allowing the return of my focus in the Lord's intended direction; time with my children and husband, living a simple/happy life and strengthening our family spiritually from inside the home. 

One day Mike sat me down crunched out all the scenarios for me to actually see (I am SO a visual learner) and it was crystal clear in that moment what the right choice for our family was.  That's when my foolishness hit me.  I had been praying for something, honestly desiring it, but totally not even paying attention to whether or not it was happening.  The Lord was answering my prayers, well not only answering, but when I wasn't listening He was breaking it down, forcing our attention, and pretty much making it impossible for me not to FOCUS on the answers. 

So we decided then and there that given a few stipulations, I would turn in my two-weeks notice to Toyota (which was kind of the most fun I've ever had... another one of those 'disguised' blessings) and commence my career as a STAY-AT-HOME mama!!!!  I actually might make a business card... I think they'd be useful?!

So, now that I have officially introduced myself, as Meghan Willmott, Domestic Engineer BSc (that's not true) I'll fill you in on the other changes:

BUSINESS:  I am starting a small at-home childcare business.  I have one small boy I get to start caring for on Monday.  He's such a sweetie and he's the exact same age as Noah.  They are so cute together.  I am so excited to get to include him in our little family from Mon-Friday!  Super fun!!!

BASEMENT:  Due to the choice we made to start caring for little ones, we decided that we should finish the basement to give ourselves a little more of a designated area to stick the kids... haha joking, it is meant to provide an area for us ALL to play in.  So this is really exciting for us.  Our first MAJOR renovation in our little house. 

I love our house, and I realize that I haven't ever posted any pictures of where we chill OUT... So I'm going to take you on a little tour.  That's right, VIRTUAL tour.  How excited are you?!?!  K, let's calm down, and get moving...

Welcome to our home:

Yes, you can park beside my van, Mike won't be home until 630ish...

But first, please take a look at the garden I dug out, and the plants we split from my mom's garden.  Oh, and that row of cedars, yah we planted those too.  I know, I know, Home & Garden network has nothing on us...

Let's get inside, it's starting to rain... watch your step, the porch gets slippy.  But it's a really nice place to hang out and read in the morning! (we did NOT pick the porch colour) Unfortunately our neighbours did, which would have been nice to know BEFORE I told him how ugly I thought it was.  Neighbour of the year award.  Don't worry, I made them brownies... we're cool.

Get inside quick!!!  It's getting kinda foggy out here!

Ah, we're in the front door.  Please take your shoes off on the mat... That's kinda rude to say to a guest I guess.  K, take them off wherever.

Welcome to where we live.  The kids made the artwork above the couch on the left <3

And please say hello to Mike's TV.  He would be offended if you didn't.

I'd offer you something to eat, but I just spent all day serving three children... get it yourself. 

Let's take a look upstairs...

Noah's room.  JAM packed with the majority of the toys that belong in the basement.  Sometimes a challenge getting him to sleep.  (again, did NOT choose the border, OR lower sponge painted wall art) BUT that's another project.

Our room... I will post more when I get around to decorating (checklist is a little looooong).

Oh the bathroom... Forest green WAS the theme of the WHOLE house, garage door, counter tops, back splash, curtains, external doors, bathroom tiles... I never knew forest green was a colour option that a person could absolutely fall in love with.  Now I do... and so do you.

So let's head downstairs now, past our ultrasound art <3

Elias' room... Shhh he's sleeping.

His swag...

Yes, I turned on the lights and took pictures while he was sleeping in the crib... poor baby.  But STILL sleeping!

Heading down the hall...

To Abigail's Spongebob room!!  She's so cute.  We gave her the choice of bedding and that's what she chose.  Love that girl.
And the bathroom... of the forest green nature.

Basement before...


Basement now, in-progress


Back upstairs, let's head outside... It stopped raining.

This is our yard from the back door.

And around the back of the house.

And down the side.  This area used to be gravel when we moved in.  You can see a line in the grass, that's where the gravel used to come up to.  It was getting kinda dangerous when playtime in the backyard turned into you know, a good old fashioned rock fight.  So we had people come and haul it away (put a free gravel ad on kijiji) and then we had a dump truck back into the yard (the front fence is actually two swinging gates so it opens right up) and dump a mountain of topsoil in the yard.  That was a fun time.

My little backyard garden I dug out last year.  (Raspberry bushes!!!)

My other garden I dug out with nothing in it.  Ha!

So that's it!  That's our little castle!  I love this house.  It has so much love in it and provides us with everything we need.  We have been blessed so IMMENSELY and although it may have taken a while for me to fully realize our riches, we are so rich! 

I know that the Lord grants the righteous desires of our hearts and although it is not necessarily when and in the exact way we want, He knows what is best and will provide!

I am learning to trust Him in all that I do and to live by honest faith in His will.  I am so proud to be able to spend this next leg of this journey through our Willmott World, raising my family and lending support to my husband. 

I hope sincerely that you all have a fantastic summer... I know I will ;)

Love from the Willmotts

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