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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too good to pass up

Just a quick note.  This morning the kids were eating breakfast before we headed out to school, and Abby asked me a question.  Her question was: "Mommy, when people are rich they have lots of stuff, so can I tell people I'm rich because I have lots of family?"

All I could say was "You can tell everyone that Abby."

Absolutely we are rich.  Richer than I ever could have dreamed we would be.  And this is why:

Because of this...

And these...

And because of this...

And this...

And of course this...

Rich beyond my wildest dreams.  Life is beautiful and so wonderfully fulfilling when you're looking in all the right places.

Love from the Willmotts


  1. so weird. u probably just made an error...but i didn't see my picture in there? hmmmm. no worries. you can fix it.
    love what abby said though. that's sooo precious. kids see things the way we all should!

  2. awww! these are so cute! my favourite one though has to be Abby playing PS3 with Mike. she's concentrating soooo hard!