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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Family FUNday!!

Look at this!  Less than four days later and I'm writing another entry.  GREATNESS...

Abigail had her primary presentation at Church today and her line was "Jesus understands when I am sad".  She had been practicing it all week, so confident in her ability and extremely happy with her role.  She told us that the first time she got up in an earlier practice to say it, she said this "Jesus understands when HE is sad" then she told us "But that's not right".  So I then asked well what did your teacher say?  To which she replied "She said nope wrong, so I said it the right way".  So practice, practice, practice she went.  However today when she stood up to say her line, it came out more like this "Jesus understands when I am SICK".  I could see her small face contort into a look I often get from her which I believe roughly translates into "whatchu talkin' bout".  I also noticed her ever so slightly shrug her little shoulders before she spoke into the microphone.  But I must say, her little impromptu change really spiced up the show for me.  When I asked her later why she changed it again, she told me "The girl who whispers my part to me said sick, so I whispered no sad, and she said no sick, so I did what she said because she says I can't read it, but really I can."  I told her it was wonderful and internally laughed at her awesome obedience to the instructions she's given.  We got about five hundred waves from her as she sat upfront and about three thousand forced little angel smiles.  It was heartwarmingly (which spell check has kindly pointed out is NOT a word) adorable to watch!  I am so extremely grateful to have our children in a program that allows for us to witness these precious moments!

Today we started our first week of Sundays without TV.  Mike and I decided that in all that we've been doing to keep the sabbath day holy (going to church, not shopping, family scripture study etc. etc.) it maybe still didn't feel like we were accomplishing the level of sanctity in our home that the Lord expects.  So, we evaluated our Sundays and came up with two things that had to go.  One is that we have decided not to watch TV anymore on Sundays.  For Mike this is a HUGE deal because he will now miss the majority of his football games (very very sad) haha.  The second is that we have decided that we should no longer use Sundays as a day to get in a workout.  Now this one was a HUGE deal to me as I enjoy running and tend to use it as a way to relax.  This second sacrifice came about as Mike so kindly pointed out that if we were deciding that we shouldn't merely 'watch' sports events, then surely we shouldn't be 'participating' in any.  I struggled for a short while to find a plausible argument to his logic but the only thing I could come up with was something along the lines of "umm shut up?!"  Not the strongest argument, so regrettably at first, I agreed to forgo my Sunday runs in an effort to strengthen our sabbath day.

We are now at the end of the 'day without TV and running' and I must say it was an extremely peaceful, restful, hushed and happy day.  Abigail and Noah played happily (minus the small fights), we had a fire and roasted marshmallows after dinner, Elias napped peacefully, and mommy napped too!!  HUGE success! 

Now the day wasn't perfect all around.  There was that one incident...  Allow me to quickly explain Noah's little mishap of the afternoon before I end this post.  After we came in from roasting marshmallows, Noah disappeared downstairs to take one of his infamous 30 minute 'washroom breaks'.  I could hear him chatting away to himself, or playing with the toys he has stashed beside the potty,  And then I hear dreaded potty words: "DAAAAADDY come down, it's all over the place", "DAAAADDY it exploded".  Now Mike was NOT going to go down there so I mentally prepared myself for the absolute worst.  I trudged down the stairs expecting to see maybe poop on the floors?  Walls?  Toys way down at the bottom of the toilet bowl that I have often had to fish out with my hand?  But shockingly Noah was standing in the middle of the bathroom pants down south, with tiny pieces of birdseed on every inch of his little body.  It was in  his hair, all over his shoulders, his feet were covered and it was stuck to his bum.  I was a little taken aback by the situation.  Oddly enough not because of the birdseed, but mostly because I felt super relieved that it was ONLY birdseed.  I guess Noah had grabbed the container of birdseed we keep in the backyard before heading down to the potty and had somehow ripped the 'childproof' top off creating a birdseed explosion.  He was quite pleased that the number 2 he had done in the potty was now "hiding under the bird food" as he so eloquently stated.  So I had a really weird talk with him about how playing with birdseed while pooping (or at anytime I guess) is not such a great idea, shook him off, and cleaned that birdseed right on up.  It was an interesting end to an otherwise calm and happy day!

The last thing that I will add is that Elias cut two teeth on the top today!  Two in the bottom and two on the top, such a big kid now, and a precious little cutie!!

Happy Sunday to all!!

Love from the Willmotts

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